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Welcome to Ages of Time!

On behalf of all the guild members we would like to welcome you to our Guild Website! You have just found one of the oldest and still existing Guilds on this Server. The foundation of this guild is build upon friendly people just like you and me who want fun and be part of a large family.  

On this Site you can find out about our Guild Rules, Raid Information and alot more. You can check out the Calendar to see all what`s going on! Events, Raids, Fun Runs and more can be found here. Remember also to register on the web site so you can post in the forum section and create your own events!  

The next best place to get information is any officer in the guild! Just ask away and we will help you the best we can.

Enjoy your self and have fun!

Welcome to Ages of Time!

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First Raid in Mogu'shan Vaults, 21-10-12

Deceptacon, Oct 22, 12 6:55 AM.
Yesterday was our first Night of Raiding in Mogu'shan Vaults. We had Jade - Jasper - Amethyst, we got quite a good hang on it and some really good trys, best was down to 18%. Well done.
 Screenshot taken after 2hours progress and trash respawned... it were alot more corpses then you can see^^.


Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes: October 2nd

Deceptacon, Oct 3, 12 4:30 AM.

Originally posted by Blizzard


-Players no longer require Honored reputation with Mists of Pandaria factions to purchase gear with Justice Points.

-The reputation requirement to purchase certain pieces of Mists of Pandaria Valor Point gear have been reduced from Revered to Honored. These include:

The Klaxxi - neck items

Golden Lotus - rings

Shado-Pan - cloaks

The August Celestials – bracers

-The item level of Mists of Pandaria gear that is purchased with Justice Points has been raised from 450 to 458.

-The item level of Mists of Pandaria gear that is purchased with Honor Points has been lowered from 464 to 458. As a result, the quality color of these items has been changed from Epic to Rare. However, the PvP Power and PvP resilience of these items has been increased significantly so these items retain their previous degree of effectiveness in PvP.

-Mists of Pandaria PvP item vendors were tired of getting the dook kicked out of them. Their health has been increased significantly.

-The item level requirement to queue for Mists of Pandaria Heroic dungeons has been reduced from 440 to 435.



-The area of effect damage from Nature's Vigil will no longer hit stealthed targets.

-Fixed an issue with Incarnation that could allow flight without using Flight Form.

-Dream of Cenarius now correctly increases the healing from Cenarion Ward by 30% instead of 70%.

-Starsurge casts that trigger an Eclipse now deal the correct amount of damage.

-Mojo is now removed properly when a druid assumes Flight Form.

-Symbiosis has been changed, and now grants the following abilities:

Protection warriors - Stampeding Shout

Blood death knights - Wild Mushroom: Plague

Protection paladins - Wrath

Brewmaster monks - Bear Hug

-The periodic damage of Thrash (Bear) now deals 60% more damage. Initial direct damage remains un-changed.

Death Knight

-Death and Decay will no longer trigger the Runic Return two piece PvP set bonus.

-Howling Blast and Unholy Blight now properly spread their diseases to the primary target as well as other targets within range.


-Nether Tempest no longer strikes targets the Mage is not already in combat with.

-Charges of Ice Floes are no longer consumed when the Chilled effect from Frost Armor is applied to enemies.


-Casting Roll while accepting an Arena queue will no longer prevent the monk from taking actions once within the arena.

-Glyphed and un-glyphed versions of Spinning Fire Blossom now deal the same amount of damage.

-Missing with Blackout Kick after the Combo Breaker mastery activates will no longer grant two free Chi.

-Swift Reflexes now deals 100% more damage.

-Keg Smash now deals 50% more damage and strikes all nearby targets, rather than three.


-Protection warrior damage values has been adjusted: Revenge now deals 50% damage to a secondary target, and 25% damage to a third target.

-Deep Wounds now does 50% less damage for Protection warriors only.

-Warbringer will now stun the correct target when using macros.

-Wild Strikes that consume the last charge of Bloodsurge will now properly cause a one second global cooldown, rather than a 1.5 second global cooldown.


-Many beasts are now properly able to be tamed.

-Deterrence now properly prevents the stun effect from the Warrior talent Warbringer.

-Explosive Shot can now properly trigger Thrill of the Hunt. Explosive Shots that have no cost due to the effects of Lock and Load can not trigger this effect.


-Holy Wrath now deals 100% more damage.

-Avenger's Shield now deals 50% more damage.

-Seal of Truth and Censure now deal 80% less damage for Protection Paladins only.


-Flash Heal will now consume both Surge of Light and Inner Focus when both buffs are active.

-Void Tendrils root effect is now subject to diminishing returns in PvP.

-The Shadow version of Divine Insight no longer procs for Holy or Discipline priests.

-Healing from the Divine Star spell no longer breaks channeling for the caster or friendly players.


-Hellfire no longer does damage immediately when it is initially cast, and now does the correct amount of damage over its 14 second duration.


-Players visiting other realms via RealID or Battletag parties will no longer receive loot from Galleon/Salyis's Warband.

-Mutated Silkmoths and Tiny Mutated Silkmoths are now more abundant.

-Sprites will now only stack the Spritely buff to 20 (was 40).

-Orchard Wasps will no longer attack critters in the area.

-Creatures slain in the Krasarang Wilds will no longer clutter the environment.

-Groundbreaker Brojai in Krasarang Wilds is no longer quite so loud.

-Captain Doren will now correctly respawn if players leave his cave after he enters his Sha form.

-Cheerful Jessu and the mailbox are now always available in Pearlfin Village.

-Birds and beasts in Kun-Lai Summit are now meatier.

-Various NPCs in Kun-Lai Summit now respawn less frequently.

-Fixed an issue that could cause the Sha of Anger to despawn under certain certain circumstances.

-Captain Ripflesh should no longer despawn unexpectedly.

-Creature respawn rates in Howlingwind Cavern has been adjusted when many players are in the area.

-Giant Cave Bats now award significantly less experience.

-King Spineclaws now award significantly less experience.

-Captive breeding programs have brought the endangered Briny Clacker and Brineshell Snappers back to sustainable populations.

-The Shuffling Mistlurker's Smash attack no longer has a knock-back effect. They are still jerks.

-Osul Sharphorns in Townlong Steppes now leash properly, and no longer knock themselves silly when using Gored or Demolish.

-Ordo Overseers now leash properly and reset if they stray too far away from the farm.


-The Cremating Torch effect no longer affects players or pets.

-The Mithril Stopwatch trinket's effect Now Is The Time! activates properly from spell damage.

-Puntable Marmot may no longer be used in Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. The Puntable Marmot may no longer be used as the target of a Warrior's Intervene or a Druid's Wild Charge.

-Merchants will no longer buy certain pets or mounts.

-The Amber Sledge of Klaxxi'vess is now correctly be purchased from The Klaxxi at Exalted reputation.

-Reward satchels can no longer be sold to vendors.

-The Umbrella of Chi-Ji has had its stats improved.

-The Malevolent Gladiator's Touch of Defeat, Malevolent Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow, and -Malevolent Gladiator's Baton of Light are no longer available for sale from arena vendors.

-Season 12 off-hand items and shields have been adjusted to match other, equivalent PvP gear.

-Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets no longer have Spirit.

-Voodoo Brew no longer allows players to attack others of the same faction.

-The Price of Progress trinket effect been adjusted to occur less frequently.

-The Hozen Peace Pipe now only grants 100 reputation for Shado-Pan, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, and the August Celestials. This item will continue to grant 1000 reputation for other Pandaren factions.

Pet Battles

-Many pet abilities have been improved.

-Wild battle pets in The Veiled Stair now spawn at the correct level.

-The Clockwork Gnome's ability, Build Turret, now properly has a 2 round cooldown.

-A wayward Tiny Harvester can now be battled normally.

-Turns should no longer inadvertently be skipped when multi-round abilities are used in a Pet Battle.

-Fixed several issues that could occur when using offensive pet abilities in PvP, Tamer and Wild Pet battles.


-Fixed several issues involving daily quests and Cross Realm Zones.

-Players are now able to complete the quest Mimicking Nature's Call.

-Anduin Wrynn should now return if he wanders off during quests in the Krasarang Wilds.

-Players are no longer able to obtain multiple Teng Appleblooms during the quest Priorities!.

-The Silk Cocoon Bucket for the quest Where Silk Comes From can now be looted multiple times by different players.

-Players who have completed the quest Weed War II no longer leave a weedy lawn in their wake.

-The Diabolical Plans that start the quest Diabolical Plans now drop properly for Horde players.

-Chen Stormstout and Li Li Stormstout will no longer disappear unexpectedly during the quest Chen and Li Li.

-Hao Mann is no longer quite so loud.

-Hatchling Poop for the daily quest Pooped is now slightly more... persistent.

-Players can no longer be interrupted by enemy attacks when looting the Big Bag of Poop and the -Tiny Bag of Poop for the daily quest Pooped.

-Turning in the repeatable quest Replenishing the Pantry no longer fulfills daily quests completed achievement criteria.

-Fixed an issue that could prevent players from turning in the quest Immortality?.

-Players must now properly earn the right to Lao-Chin the Iron Belly's company by completing The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly.

-Peat Clumps for the quest Golgoss, and Peat Mounds for the quest Arconiss, can both now be interacted with properly.

-Shao-Tien Ritual Statues for the quest A Smashing Impression have been fixed so that they can once again be broken.

-All players attacking Aetha, Leechfingers, and The Ook of Dook will now properly receive credit for their respective quests.

-Players should now receive credit for the quest Free From Her Clutches when freeing Kunchong -Hatchlings, and Kunchong Cages will now reset properly once opened.

-The following quest items can now be looted by all party members: Clacker Tails for the quest Fine Dining, Volatile Blood for the quest A Bloody Delight, Pristine Mire Beast Eye for the quest "Putting and Eye Out", Amber-Encrusted Brain for the quest A Little Brain Work, and Thresher Jaws for the quest Shark Week. In addition, players can now obtain up to ten un-opened Thresher Jaw at one time.

-The daily quest, My Town, It's On Fire Again is now more fiery.

-The daily gift quest granted by Blingtron 4000 is now only available to players of level 80 and above.

-Terracotta Defenders now properly attack the player who looted the Bottom Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet for the quest Stealing Their Thunder King.

-Shao-Tien Surveyors are now easier to spot from a distance.

-The Claw of Anger, which begins the quest Remnants of Anger, can now be looted by all members of the party or raid that slew the Sha of Anger.

Dungeons & Raids

-Level 85 players should be able to queue for random normal difficulty Cataclysm dungeons.

-Cannons in the Gate of the Setting Sun now properly propel players precisely.

-Zao Sunseeker can no longer be encountered in the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

-Level 90 players can now join the random queue for normal versions of lower level Mists of Pandaria dungeons.

-Striking Ook Ook with multiple barrels simultaneously now awards the correct number of stacks for the achievement, "Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'".

-The doors leading to Master Snowdrift in the Shado-Pan Monastery should now remain open to prevent players from becoming locked out during the gauntlet. The inner doors will still close once Master Snowdrift himself is engaged.

-Hateful Essence in the Shado-Pan Monastery will no longer cause players to become stuck in combat.

-The High Inquisitor Whitemane encounter in the Scarlet Monastery now properly awards reputation upon completion.

Bug Fixes

-Player resources are now properly set to default values when the arena preparation phase ends.

-Players can no longer stack on top of the Season 12 PvP item vendors, PvE item vendors and Challenge Mode item vendors.

-Portal: Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Teleport: Vale of Eternal Blossoms are now properly retained after a paid faction transfer.

-Players are now ported directly to The Grim Guzzler tavern after accepting the queue for Coren Direbrew.

-All players that slay Warbringer Qobi are now properly awarded the Brewmoon Festival achievement.

-Turning in the quest "Flying Colors" will now properly complete the Tian Monastery portion of the Upjade Complete achievement.

Justice and Honor Gear ilvl Changes

Deceptacon, Oct 2, 12 5:23 PM.

Originally posted by Blizzard

Many players felt that the new PvP rewards released today were a bit overpowered, especially compared to Justice Point gear. The PvP gear had sockets while Justice Point rewards did not. In addition, the PvP gear had a much higher ilvl than the rewards you'd traditionally choose from Justice Points.

Blizzard released that the fastest way to gear up for PvE was to PvP, and changed the gear ilvls around in today's hotfix.

We’re working to adjust current Justice and Honor gear to better align with intended values. Currently it’s more lucrative to run Battelgrounds for ilvl 464 epics, and convert all Justice to Honor to gear up. While some crossover is fine, the most optimal way to gear for PvE doesn’t make sense to happen through PvP.

This hotfix will ideally go out today, and once applied will change all Justice and Honor items (including those already purchased) in the following ways:

Justice Items

Current – ilvl 450 Rare

New – ilvl 458 Rare

Honor Items

Current – ilvl 464 Epic

New – ilvl 458 Rare

We’ll be increasing the PvP Power and Resilience on the Honor items by 15% to compensate for this change.

Again, our design in Mists of Pandaria is to allow for a greater degree of crossover between PvE and PvP using the same gear, but the original item levels simply made Honor gear (through Battlegrounds or conversion of Justice to Honor) a far better route to gear up for PvE. Players who enjoy PvE shouldn’t feel forced to PvP to get the best gear, and vice versa.

Faction Justice Gear Hotfix

Deceptacon, Oct 2, 12 4:03 PM.

Originally posted by Blizzard

We've just applied a hotfix that removes the faction requirements for Justice gear.

Shado-Pan and August Celestial factions will no longer require Golden Lotus faction to purchase this gear. This will allow players who have reached level 90 to have additional sources of item level (ilevel) 450 gear to progress into the Dungeon Finder Heroic dungeons more readily.

Players who are looking to purchase this gear should seek out the following vendors:

Townlong Steppes:

Shadow-Pan - Rushin the Fox in Shado-Pan Garrison

All - Lo Pin in Niuzao Temple

Vale of Eternal Blossoms:

August Celestials - Sage Lotusbloom or Sage Whiteheart in the Horde and Alliance Shrines

Golden Lotus - Jaluu the Generous in front of Mogu’shan Palace

Dread Wastes:

Klaxxi - Ambersmith Zikk in Klaxxivess

First lvl 90 in Guild!

Deceptacon, Sep 26, 12 5:21 PM.
Congratulations to Sathira on achieving level 90 as first Player in Ages of Time!

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